Good Measure ‘Lonely Hearts’ Pack

Once more my top mate Joey from Working Class Heroes has been in touch to regale me with the lowdown on what’s happening up in Ulverston at the mo and it goes a little something like this….

Back on the scene, not that they ever left, with their new “Lonely Hearts Pack”. As one would expect, the summer vibing pastel colours and the names for the palette come from some old band called The Silverfish or something. Paul, George, Ringo and John, whoever they are.

In all seriousness though, I know they’re from One Direction. The range consists of decent, heavyweight pocket t-shirts, the classic M-21 Sweatshirt which is by far the best sweatshirt I’ve ever come across, and the short sleeved M-16, which somewhat pushes the boundaries of a sweatshirt but summer can be tricksy and maybe it’s exactly what we need.

Made from 100% cotton, designed and manufactured in England, Good Measure truly represents the north west’s heritage in the garment industry. A piece of kit from these boys will last you many years to come!

Shop the Good Measure Lonely Hearts collection at WCH here.


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