Gramicci Re-Ups on Classic Models 

Gramicci have landed on a few original classics – including ripstop jam pants. 

gramicci ripstop jam pants

With the release of Gramicci SS22, the brand has reintroduced variations on their timeless G Pant. 

With the classic built-in adjustable waistband, loose and relaxed fit with a low rise, and fully gusseted crotch for freedom of movement, there really isn’t a better fitting pair of pants than Gramicci’s. 

We got into a discussion with Stephan Wendler, Gramicci’s current global Creative Director, where he explains exactly why. Spoiler: there’s a 40-year old archive that’s been exposed to hundreds of in-the-field trial and error tests. Gramicci makes pants for climbing – and while they look great, they still function in just the same way. 

New variations exist though, like these ripstop jam pants. They guarantee more than enough flexibility – you can do the splits in them – while ageing, moulding and warming to the body. Plus, the ripstop fabric gradually fades, giving the pants a worn and gravelly look that makes each pant unique. 

Head to Gramicci’s UK site to browse other bits of SS22. 

Ripstop jam pants from Gramicci.

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