Gramicci Shopper at Oi Polloi

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As I type this surrounded by large amounts of baggage & over excited children I’m kicking myself for not buying one of these Gramicci Shopper bags. Not only does it look totally amazing but it would have come in really handy for the daily trips to the supermarket I’ve got planned for my holidays. Some people like deep sea diving, others like brass rubbing outside cathedrals whilst there are some types who like spending all their time in fun pubs puffing away on cheap fags. Not me though, I love going to supermarkets when I’m abroad. I can spend hours in there, just perusing the aisles and marvelling at all the stuff on sale you don’t see back in blighty. So yeah, a American/Japanese climbing/shopping bag would have be the perfect companion on my sojourns to el super-mercado, I wonder if the taxi driver would mind doing a diversion to Oi Polloi on the way to the airport?

Buy a Gramicci Shopper from Oi Polloi here.


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