Gramicci Debuts SS22 Gone Fishing

Gramicci’s latest SS22 Gone Fishing range is inspired by the fishing ethos of patience and connection to place. 

SS22 Gone Fishing

In other words: Gramicci has just got reel. 

One of the oldest pieces of fishing literature, Izaak Walton’s The Compleat Angler, refers to fly fishing as “the contemplative man’s recreation,” which essentially confirms what we already know: fly fishers are notoriously patient individuals.  

On top of this, there’s a sense of place that develops by spending so much time by the river’s edge. There’s something about the water’s flowing ripples that’s restorative and humbling. And although you can feel that without having to fish, it’s fishing that unites cultures all over the world – whether it’s recreational or for sustenance. 

Gramicci latest line is inspired by this cross-cultural feeling. The collection includes the Wave Shirt, packable shorts, a bucket hat, all tweaked for fishing purposes – and a couple of fish-focal graphic t-shirts, espousing the virtues of the fishing life. 

The collection is best paired with a rod and a net and a warm, riverbank backdrop. Or – halfway up a vertical drop, in typical Gramicci style. 

The Gramicci SS22 Gone Fishing range launches at Gramicci’s site and Working Class Heroes on the 23rd May. 

Gramicci at Working Class Heroes

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