Gramicci’s Boa Material Lessens Micro Plastic Pollution

Pretty much all synthetic materials release microplastics into rivers, oceans and waterways. When materials are put under heat and chemical stress during a washing cycle, tiny yarns are leached from the body of the item. They travel through drains, gradually breaking down into smaller and smaller particles until they find themselves at the very bottom of the ecosystem, and in the bodies of everything above it. 

All clothing companies know this – it’s just hard to do anything about it. Gramicci’s new Boa range is certified by the Less Micro Plastic project for their contributions towards alleviating the impact of microplastics in clothing. The Boa material is an in-house built polyester that is treated to especially reduce the extent of microplastic detachment. It is mid-weight, suitable for layering under a coat or finishing the outfit itself. 

A stand out from the Boa range is this olive green cardigan, with nylon contrast pockets, available at Couverture & The Garb Store.  

Gramicci at Couverture & The Garb Store. 

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