GS/TP (General Service Time Piece)


Not content with making amazing clothes, shoes and accessories for a living, Tender Co. main man William Kroll has now decided to add ’astoundingly tasteful watch maker’ to his CV. Named GS/TP (General Service Time Piece) these incredible watches are designed in England and made in Tokyo housing movements made in by Miyota and Seiko-Epson. As with most of Tender’s products the design inspiration is born out of several years of research and collecting/dissecting vintage wristwatches. Staying true to the original sizing of the earliest wristwatches the GS/TP dials are relatively small (28mm) compared to many of today’s in-your-face models yet don’t feel too dainty thanks to their thick case and wide (18mm) strap. For more information on these truly incredible time pieces you need to check out the GS/TP website to get the full rundown and to while away the hours hovering your cursor over the watch illustrations to see them magically transform into real-life photos. William really does know what time it is.

GS/TP watches are available at www.gstp.watch and The Real McCoy’s London.



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  1. Mark Lawton

    They are lovely.
    Quality in a “under the radar” way.

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