Gucci Square Frame Metal Sunglasses

Nothing says ‘Give me the best table in the house because I’m here on some very serious business rather than to just mess about’ like walking into a gaff with a pair of gold Gucci shades on. Everyone will be trying not to look at you as they all wonder who is this guy? He must be something special, I think I’ll ask him to go out with me and/or buy him a really expensive drink. That’s the effect Gucci sunglasses have on people, trust me, I know these things. Once the sun is out I never go anywhere without a pair of these square-framed beauties covering up my mince pies, though I find you get a better reaction in places with an extensive wine list as opposed to your local Greggs.

Buy a pair of Gucci GG0241S sunglasses from Mainline Menswear here.


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