Gumi Chan Exhibition at Paul Smith

PS-gumichan-2688You can always rely on the Japanese to create charmingly exquisite miniature items with insane attention to detail can’t you?  A classic example of which is currently residing down at Paul Smith’s Albermarle street shop in London for the next month. In the shop you’ll get the chance to see the impressive ‘Gumi Chan’ miniature street scene created by talented scene designer Nobuhiko Yoshimitsu, and  doll maker/artist Kazumi Akao made to represent the Japanese suburbia in 1961. The 1960s were a golden era for Japan when the country shared collective feelings of hope and optimism as the nation’s economy and lifestyles witnessed a serious boom for the first time in several decades. It was also the era in which Kazumi grew up, who dreams of bringing back this happy time of neighbourliness and co-operation to her home country. When Mr Smith met with Kazumi he was so impressed by her craft and positivity that he offered to exhibit her work and when he told the artists stories of his first visit to Japan, they in turn were inspired enough to incorporate a Paul Smith shop into the Gumi Chan scene including a characteristically  jovial looking Paul stood outside with his beloved bike.

This astounding work is now on view now at Paul Smith, No. 9 Albemarle Street, W1S4BL 27th January 2014 – 27th February 2014.





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