Gurus Indoor Shoes are Second to None

Gurus indoor shoes are made with old-world sewing techniques and premium, sustainable materials.

Oi Polloi pioneered the way for retailers in Manchester because they were able to find obscure brands that nobody else knew about. And while these brands were obscure, Oi Polloi had the foresight to know that people would like them.

Well, they’re still doing that. Oi Polloi has just grabbed a shipment of Gurus, a Spanish brand that makes indoor shoes. What were they doing before they made indoor shoes? Who knows – the brand is so obscure that we can’t find their website. 

Indoor shoes feel like a real luxury, and Gurus have quilted uppers, felt insoles and rubber outsoles. That’s a multifaceted combination of materials.

The best thing? Gurus two pairs are a bargain, with the Valencias selling at £35 and the Cadiz at £30. 

The range is limited, but believe us when we say that Gurus might be the most attentively made indoor shoes you’ve ever seen.

Gurus at Oi Polloi.

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