Gymphlex Two Colour Training Jacket

I can’t not wear a jacket. What’s wrong with me? A psychologist would probably have something to say but I’m not interested, I like that I’m rarely without a nice coat. Ok so on holiday or when the UK weather occasionally smiles on us then all bets are off but on days when most of the population decides to bare as much of their grotty flesh as possible, I find myself needing to cover up just as much as usual. I need a coat. It’s the law in our house/my head.

I’m not properly mental though. I don’t roll about town wearing a big padded number or something with loads of wool in it. It’s all about lightweight anoraks. The year dot for this look is probably when terrace types appropriated the Peter Storm cagoule and pitched it in a more trendy setting. It’s pretty telling that it’s taken the brand until recently to realise this and the cash in is imminent, way after brands with a lot more love and understanding for the cagoule have done so before them. But I digress. This take on the cagoule by Gymphlex is a bit of a bobby dazzler in my eyes. Nice three colour combo, discreet branding so people have to squint their eyes to read it (always good) and lightweight so you’re not going to get those flesh baring bores going “OOOH AREN’T YOU HOT IN THAT COAT”.

Is it cagoule or kagool though? The former looks right to me but in a brief but bizarre exchange with Casuals author Phil Thornton I was assured it was kagool. Who’s arsed? Not me.

More info on the link below.

Gymphlex 138 Gymphlex 141

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