Haglöfs is your winter workhorse with the Micro Nordic Down jacket

Every male worth their salt has recently remarked on the climate and its suitability for the donning of a Big Jacket™ .

Whether you’re ostentatiously parading about in your four-figure purchase or you’re the sartorial equivalent of a crate digger, the thirst for outerwear is about to reach its peak. One thing we all need is practicality. It’s all very well enveloping your body in a warm wool cruiser jacket or a down jacket so vast you could live in it, but when you’re commuting and need something that will stand up with ease to all the weather will chuck your way, the Micro Nordic Down jacket from our Swedish faves at Haglöfs has you covered.

Like a lot of Swedish design, it has that unfussy, functional yet aesthetically pleasing appeal that is common of Scandinavian design in general. It makes me wish I was Swedish. Indeed, it comes in the two colours of their (really nice) national flag, as well as a nice range of additional hues.

With a DWR coating that will protect you from precipitation for 5000 hours, and ethical insulation made from recycled polyamide, this product has an eye on lessening its impact on the environment, while helping you get out there to explore it.

Available now at all good outdoor retailers, and indeed Haglöfs themselves.

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I had pizza for tea.

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