Haglöfs L.I.M Breathe GTX Shakedry Jacket

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You thought your waterproof jacket was impressive, then you saw this.

Being the recipient of more than 100 days a year of rain, Sweden-based Haglöfs are well-placed to compete with clouds and tussle with drizzle. To make a jacket out of a waterproof barrier is one thing, but to so while keeping the garment super-light, breathable and quick drying takes a lot more expertise.

Weighing in at just 204 grammes, this stylish jacket weighs roughly the same as an adult hamster, a cup of sugar or two average sized bananas. It’s exceptionally well thought out, with adjustability and stretch in all the right places.

The L.I.M range is designed to give you maximum tech support with no more weight than is necessary, and it’s available now at

I had pizza for tea.

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