Haglofs LIM Jackets at Urban Industry

Hej, reader. 

You like lightweight technical jackets, don’t you? So let’s take a look at the Haglofs LIM series.

LIM stands for ‘Less Is More’, so you can probably guess the gist of this range. Uh-huh: minimalism. But in a good way, a justified way. You’re dealing with Swedes here, after all.

Robert Olsson – Senior Designer at Haglofs and contender for Most Scandinavian Man on Earth – explains it best, so have a listen (and a watch) for yourself:

Sold on the whole LIM idea now, yeah?

Luckily for you, Urban Industry has several LIM jackets in stock right now, in a wide spectrum of colours, all of them reduced in price (between 10% and 40%). Some are made with Gore-Tex, whereas others are made with Haglofs’s own waterproof-and-breathable fabric, Proof.

So, er… 

Klicka på länken – nu, innan det är för sent.


(All photos courtesy of the Urban Industry Studio)

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