Haglöfs X Très Bien Helium 3L Ripstop Jacket

OK here’s a challenge for you, try to think of something Swedish that’s rubbish….

Difficult isn’t it? It’s like they really think about everything over there before doing it and that they don’t like wasting everyone’s time or resources so stick to the adage that if something’s worth doing it’s worth doing well. So imagine how good that makes a collaboration between a Swedish outdoor performance brand and a Swedish fashion store/label. Which is my way of introducing this incredible habanero/cayenne coloured super technical jacket that Haglöfs & Très Bien have collaborated on. All the progressive, performance based functionality you’d come to expect from a premium outdoor brand combined with the youthful tonality and subtle branding of one of the world’s coolest lifestyle stores/labels. The only thing that’s going to beat this is if IKEA start making flatpack Volvo estates.

Buy a Haglöfs X Très Bien 3L Ripstop Jacket from Peggs & Son here.


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