Hanon Gore-Tex Coach Jacket

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Having clocked these beauties up close earlier this year when we did a shoot for Hanon it’s pleasing to see that their Gore-tex jackets are now available to buy. Especially as (in Manchester at least) it’s raining stair-rods today and you can’t seem to move anywhere outside without being in serious danger of getting splashed by a car going through a massive puddle. Incorporating Gore-tex’s Paclite technology this lightweight coach jacket is great for regulating warmer/cooler temperatures alongside it’s taped seams, detachable hood and bold dual branding. In fact of all the gear Hanon have done under their own moniker (all of which have been ace btw) I think these technical jacket are without a doubt the best thing they’ve done so far.

Buy a Hanon Gore-Tex Coach Jacket here.


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