Hanon White Linen Shirt

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OK it’s dead hot, it’s summer and chances are there’s going to be a wedding or a christening or a court hearing coming up any day now, which means a nice white shirt is in order. Though rather than going to Marks & Sparks to buy something you’ll wear approximately once every 7 months at most, why not get a shirt you’ll be proud to wear outside of momentous family get-togethers and pleading for mercy from the dock. As part of their own SS18 collection Hanon have a superb white linen shirt that fits this bill as it’s smart enough to wear to church but also cool enough to be worn whilst enjoying more salubrious activities. Featuring a button down collar and a subtle flame logo on the chest there’s also a hidden zipped pocket on the side seam for stashing all manner of wonderful things to help see you through that mega long baptism ceremony.

Buy a White Linen shirt from Hanon here.


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