Hanon Worker Shirt

Are you sick of people (i.e. the media) getting overly excited about a couple of extremely rich people that most of us have never met getting married this week? Give it a rest please, no one is arsed. We’re all far more concerned with actual weddings happening this season where the people involved don’t regard us as lesser beings whose sole purpose is to pay for their massive houses/holidays/cars/collection of Nazi costumes. So yeah Summer is all about weddings, which means having to wear something everyone will deem smart but without looking like some Aladdin shoe-ed banter berk who works in sales. The key here is to go for a work shirt from Hanon, you’ll totally get away with wearing it to a posh wedding but once the free bar has finished you can wear it unbuttoned with a t-shirt underneath and it’s hey presto! It’s a super casual, lightweight summer jacket.

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