Harry Benson – The Beatles (On The Road 1964-66)


Though you’re more used to seeing Fave fives on this site, I’d like to introduce you to a Fab Five. i.e. John, Paul, George, Ringo and Harry.  Though you probably know about the other four, Glaswegian Harry was working as a photographer for the Daily Express back in ’64 when he got a life-changing phone call asking him to go to Paris with the aforementioned Beatles. What followed over the next two years resulted in an unrivalled collection of intimate, off guard photos of the Liverpool lads who instantly welcomed the affable Scottish snapper into their fold. In this impressive coffee table book that features many photographs previously unseen, we witness the lads letting their mop tops down and having a doss about, from fighting with pillows to sparring with Cassisus Clay. There are also plenty of pensive moments (Paul gazing out of a train window being a personal favourite) as well as the more historic moments in their career such as making a Hard Day’s Night, that appearance on the Ed Sullivan show and the reactions to John’s ‘Bigger than Jesus’ comment on their US tour. Harry chose to stay on in the US and became a photographer for the legendary LIFE magazine., managing to snap every US president since Eisenhower to date as well as documenting the incendiary civil rights movement as well as Robert Kennedy’s tragic assassination whom he was stood next to at the time. This big beautiful book bears testament not only to the  loveable laddishness and downright down-to-earthness of the world’s biggest band but also to the outright skill of their good mate Harry who managed to capture them during the most chaotic and hysterical era of Beatlemania.

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