Have a Sip on a Tartan Hip Flask

Both Barbour and tartan have a bit of a mingled relationship with the country gent. Barbour’s waxed outdoor wear has working-class origins, equipping the good people of the North (the really far North) on fishing expeditions, morning farming excursions and everything and anything that requires outside presence. In the modern day, Barbour has become associated with British country clothing. 

Tartan, a product of the really really far North known as Scotland, has similarly been absorbed into the world of British rural realities. It’s a solid moniker: if a group has a tartan, there’s heritage involved. And if the family doesn’t have a tartan, what better way to gain one than to own a set of Barbour tartan-lined items?

For rural ventures, nothing’s better than a brew to keep the soul warm. For a nice brew, you need a nice insulated flask. Alternatively, a nice hip flask, which has the added benefit of normalising your alcohol intake while adding in an element of luxury. Try it out the next time you go for a walk with a family member; one swig out of a Barbour tartan hip flask and no one will bat an eyelid – or, maybe they’ll ask for a sip themselves. 

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