Helinox Innovates in the Pursuit of Comfort

Helinox is a lifestyle brand that’s built a reputation for making excellent ultra-lightweight and portable chairs. 

Helinox just want you to relax. Honestly: they argue that humanity’s greatest challenge is being divorced from comfort for too long, and therefore, if someone was to invent and patent a portable chair with a revolutionary folding mechanism and featherweight materials, they’d be doing the world a favour. 

…and that’s what they did in 2012 with the invention of the Chair One. Now, 10 years later, Helinox have the Chair Zero, their lightest, most packable chair yet. 

For reference, when fulled packed, the Chair Zero is 35cm in length and weighs half a kilogram. That’s about the weight of a jumper and smaller than most sleeping bags. 

The brand owes its secrets to a world leading Korean aluminium alloy which offers an unbelievable combination of weight and strength. Joining compartments and hubs are designed in-house and are moulded from high strength nylon for innovative assembly. 

View a range of Helinox’s innovative wares at Parasol, including Vibram ball feet that allow the chairs legs to make sturdy contact on a range of uneven grounds. 

Helinox at Parasol.

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