Henri Lloyd, Old Brand, Brand New.

If you share my love of Henri Lloyd and have been wondering what the future holds for the legendary sailing brand then I’m happy to share this exciting news we’ve just received via semaphore on the deck of a yacht sailing up the Manchester ship canal.

For starters there’s a brand new logo that symbolises a fresh new direction for the brand that also pays it’s dues to their incredible heritage. Chairman and controlling shareholder Hans Eckerström explains further;

Firstly, we have looked deeply and respectfully into the history of our brand – the aim has been to reconnect with our heritage and focus on striving to produce the best sailing gear in the world. Importantly we believe that there is a significant opportunity for the brand to thrive in the wider market through the development of our apparel range.

In order to achieve our full potential, we must again position the Henri Lloyd name as being highly exclusive and we will always be very selective about where the product can be bought and which brands it sits alongside.We fully recognise that the retail landscape has changed and will continue to change therefore we will ensure that Henri Lloyd is seen where our customers are, both digitally and physically.”

CEO Magnus Liljeblad continues: “ It is without doubt an exciting time for all concerned with the brand and it is important that we move forward ensuring we are true to our values. Henri Lloyd has always had a conscience and we will build further on this, it is our pledge that whilst we grow we will strive for sustainability and engage ourselves for a better world. This is a theme that we will build upon and talk more about the future.

So in a nutshell, Henri Lloyd are coming back with a big bang next season. Doing what they do best and making amazing products from premium and sustainable materials. Which is great news even for those of us who spend their time on decks made by Technics or Supreme.


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