Herschel Supply – Surplus Collection


ATTEN-SHUN!!! I remember spotting Herschel’s Surplus Collection earlier this year at the SEEK trade-show in Berlin and being blown away (excuse the pun) by the authentic looking military encampment that they’d turned their stall into as well as the herringbone twill hardware that they were there to promote. The Surplus Collection takes it’s inspiration directly from ‘nam era US Infantry supplies, alongside the appropriate colouring each of the items in the collection features ‘tactical detailing’ such as heavy-duty zippers and tumbled matte nickel which was used to reduce glare in order to avoid directing enemy fire onto you and your platoon whilst out in the theatre of combat. The Surplus series comprises of a backpack, tote, duffle, hip pack and travel kit (as well as some ace hats) and is the first Herschel collection that will continue through each coming season. At ease soldier.







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