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Nearly forgot to mention it on here, but our burgeoning brand has just come of age with its first seasonal collection. This first drop on the brand new website boasts a multitude of t-shirt options which expand on past designs, but you were expecting that, weren’t you?

Were you expecting fleece in February though? No? Well, it’s about time you got with the scene, Daddio. Thing is, it’s still the arse-end of winter, and no amount of nipping to the shop in just a t-shirt can change that. The gilet we’ve done is actually ideal for summer nights (insert Grease reference here). The lack of arms keeps you free to throw shapes or whatever it is you kids do these days, and there’s no prospect of overheating at a barbecue due to this. In truth, the whole thing is pretty trans-seasonal. Pan-seasonal maybe? It works all year round. That’s what you want really isn’t it? You want something that you can wear whenever you want to wear it, not when the weather dictates to you.

That’s why our ripstop cotton trousers are good, too. They’re lightweight enough for summer, you can even roll them up a bit if you want, nobody here will stop you. And if you get really quite warm warm, then the shorts are based on the same shape, fit etc, though crucially as their name suggests, they’re short.

Next month you might just get a couple of even more exciting new items. Only if you’re good though. Only if you purchase something now. Have a look. You’ll almost certainly like it.

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I had pizza for tea.

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