Holubar Deer Hunter Parka

Whilst there are lots of wonderful coats and jackets out there, few can ever genuinely be given the term iconic. An much over used term in menswear, in my opinion it’s only after been appreciated and appropriated by several generations or by appearing on Robert De Niro as he gives Bambin the third eye that the word can be used in it’s truest sense. Fortunately Holubar’s Deer Hunter parka falls into both criteria such are it’s old school outdoors appeal and impressive celluloid credentials. Though regardless of all this provenance, whats much more important is that this parka still looks absolutely amazing to this day. This particularly striking red version that Peggs & Son have in at the mo is the insulated winter version that’ll keep you warm whether you’re tracking down does from Richmond Park  to the Rockies.

Buy a genuine, properly iconic parka from Holubar here.


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