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You’ve got the shoes, bought the t-shirt, but aside from numerous social outfit shots, what’s the use if you can’t go out in them?

Well, it’s not about use is it? It’s about sitting there on your phone in your immaculate living room (spring clean crew stand up), thinking “I need a hit”.

Thankfully you’re not reliant on illegal substances, but instead something even more toxic runs through your veins. You get your instant gratification from buying nice things.

Klekt sell nice things so we thought it’d be nice to connect you with them. Even if you’re at the less hypey end of the market, they’ve got Ikea stuff, albeit the Off-White collaboration. And who doesn’t NEED a Supreme Penco tape measure for those DIY duties you’re finally getting around to?

In all, there’s loads of stuff alongside the trainers you might end up being anyway. Well worth a look as you while away the hours looking for that next boost of dopamine.

See more at Klekt.

I had pizza for tea.

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