Hummel arcHIVE tracksuit

The tracksuit hype to 2017 is what the Heelys hype was to 2005: really massive. Now, sportswear wizards, hummel, have plunged into their archives to re-release a classic style from way back.

The iconic 70s and 80s design aesthetic sees a two-piece tracksuit that was originally created in the late 70s to encourage athletic activity and exercise amongst modern urbanites. They provided a certain sporty aesthetic whilst also embracing the relaxed Danish way of living, which is deeply rooted within the hummel DNA.

Each of the tracksuits has its own identity whilst remaining understatedly cool, with just the iconic hummel chevrons as the main point of design.

The HUMMEL ARCHIVE series blends both Scandinavian aesthetics with modern subculture to create a classic tracksuit with a definitive place in history.

Available now from HANON in, like six different colourways, so you have a tracksuit for everyday of the week. Apart from one day.


Absolutely well into house plants.

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