Ice Cube Trays That Really Revolutionise Ice

The title might be slightly sensationalist but sometimes there’s nothing more revolutionary than a simple improvement to your everyday life. In this case, we’re presented with an ice cube tray, that uncomplicated and innocuous freezer staple. They’re simply a vessel to freeze ice in, right? Well, yes, but if that’s the case, why do they always freeze ice cubes of the tiniest proportions? Why do you need several ice tubes – emptying the entire contents of the tray – for one drink? 

The revolutionary aspect of an ice cube tray that holds significantly sized ice cubes should not be overlooked. I know this from experience; for months my girlfriend has had this exact Hay Ice Cube Tray and I’ve had no idea where she got it from. Now, I know. Placing one sizeable ice cube into a whiskey tumbler carries with it a feeling of immeasurable power. The lighting is dimmed, there’s jazz in the background, the ice cube clinks against the side of the glass. The world is yours. 

Grab Hay’s Trays from Pockets, as well as several other suggestions on their gift guide.

Hay Trays at Pockets.

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