ill Lookbook AW15

I’m one of those people who always has some sort of illness, imagined or otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to go all ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ and tell you about a hideous rash or some blood disorder that makes me fancy cats. I just sneeze a lot and always feel a bit knackered.

Anyway, we get sent loads of stuff on spec from people we’d barely heard of before, but my reckoning is that when an email from Utrecht store ill popped into my inbox, my interest piqued and my hypochondria cranked into gear. Alas, it wasn’t someone selling a cure for my perennial mardness, instead it’s an independent Dutch take on premium sports and streetwear; the word ‘ill’ having more than one meaning these days of course. *feels a bit old*

Their lookbook also looks pretty smart, it’s almost impossible not to when you choose a former cold war airbase.

Check them out anyway.

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