In God We Trust

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OK how do I review a incredibly humorous graphic novel all about God without bringing it right on top and turning the Proper offices into swiss cheese?

IGWTWell as a born-again atheist I firmly believe that God made us all with the capacity to take the piss out of each other and with us being made in his own image that means we can have a dig at his royal cloud-dwellingness without the need for murdering anyone (either with AK47s or plagues of locusts). So yeah it’s essentially a comedic cartoon-based take on some of the bibles bestest bits to hilarious effect. In terms of blasphemy it’s pretty tame really with author Winshluss portraying God as an omnipresent El Duderino who would have a pretty chilled life hanging out with his mate Gabriel if it wasn’t for a jealous Jesus trying to wipe everyone out Terminator style. I just hope that there comes a day when our distant ancestors unearth this book and take it to be the actual bible, although to be fair it’s nowhere near as bizarre as the original. Oh and if this review has offended you please accept my sincerest apologies and may God forgive me.

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