Introducing… Admiral Sporting Goods Co.

Admiral Sporting Goods Co. is the new premium menswear line from legendary sportswear brand Admiral. Prior to its pioneering design work in football, Admiral spent half a century supplying quality sporting items to the military, athletes, and educational establishments from their base in Wigston, Leicestershire.

In the spirit of this, the first Admiral Sporting Goods Co. collection takes its inspiration from pre-1966 sportswear and updates them for modern sensibilities, embracing 21st-century garment dyeing techniques and state-of-the-art fabrication. Each garment in the range is made in a hand-picked factory, with the majority coming from a factory in Portugal that works with premium contemporary brands. Composed of heavyweight loopback cotton hoodies, authentic V-notch sweatshirts, cut and sew t-shirts, an indigo-dyed training shirt, and various accessories, each of the pieces in this inaugural collection blend the craftsmanship of the past with the manufacturing expertise of the future. 

With a heritage in making garments specifically for sporting pursuits for well over 100 years, Admiral acknowledges that sportswear is now also a key part of the menswear landscape. In a world where provenance, authenticity and high quality are now more important than ever, Admiral Sporting Goods Co. is here to show how world-beating, genuine sportswear is made.  

The Admiral brand continues to talk to its traditional customer base through other projects, and via ASGco. it will take aim for the eye of a more discerning consumer. 

Admiral Sporting Goods Co. launches in September via and Instagram – @admiralsg  

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