Introducing… Craghoppers Archive Collection

If you’re one of those people who enjoy perusing ebay and vintage stores in search of some awe-inspiring apparel from the golden era of outdoors then are you in for a treat. Because iconic outdoor brand Craghoppers have delved deep into their archive and discovered some absolute gems that they’ve given a modern makeover by updating the technology and adjusting the fit whilst still remaining faithful to the original design and the colourways. The result is an impressive collection of authentic vintage pieces made for modern sensibilities. In fact so impressed where we here at Proper that we got involved with the project and created a video and photo shoot over in Holmfirth centred around two mates escaping the noise of the city and heading out into the countryside for a mooch round the countryside that involves a lighthearted scrap with some hefty sticks of rhubarb! Shop the Craghoppers Archive Collection here.


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