Introducing… Eastlogue


Now I can’t tell you I know that much about this brand (other than they’re Korean & dead friendly) but after spying an impressive fur-lined parka on Oi Polloi’s blog recently I’m now kind of obsessed with adorning myself in one this coming weekend autumn.

Well my amateur sleuthing has also ascertained that it’s called the Ferndale parka and is made with a ventile shell and comes with a detachable hood featuring the aforementioned sheepskin and coyote fur collar. I’m sorry Morrissey. I’ve no idea what the yellow coat is called but it’s also pretty smashing too isn’t it? Alongside Grunge John Orchestra Explosion et al. this autumn could be a landmark year for the emergence of ace new brands but for now I’m just going to go outside and play in the sunshine in a vain attempt to forget about wearing massive jackets until September, see you in the queue on Thomas street yeah?





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