Introducing… Fjällräven Manchester

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Yes, it’s true, our favourite Swedish clothing brand Fjällräven is to open it’s first ever shop in the UK slap bang in the centre of Manchester! Which seems a fitting location given our love of amazing outdoor clothing here in Manchester and the fact that we’re always in need of something proper cool and waterproof to wear regardless of the time of year. Thanks to local retailers the brand has gained a particularly  strong and loyal following in the North over the past decade which in turn has enabled this brand new venture to spring up. Giving Fjällräven fans the chance to step inside an officially branded shop where a full product range will be presented within it’s tastefully Scandinavian wooden interior.

The Fjӓllrӓven store will be opening on the 16th of November at Old Bank Street (where life used to be) with an official launch event attended by ambassador Alan Hinkes to follow. Find out more and keep up to date by checking out the store on instagram and by following Fjӓllrӓven on Facebook


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