Introducing Garphyttan

When a clothing brand is created by a real life survival expert, it’s time to sit up and pay attention, especialy when he’s Swedish. They know about outerwear over there.

Founded and developed by Johan Skullman, Garphyttan came about when he and his friends noticed a change in the industry, as outdoor brands embraced a less demanding lifestyle consumer. While this inclusivity is something we’d normally welcome, it’s clear that if you’re serious about survival, you can’t accept any compromise on quality. If you’re going to choose clothing based on life or death situations, you’re going to be that bit more picky than a mother on a school run.

Taking inspiration from the active lifestyles which traditionally exist in the Swedish outdoors, Garphyttan continues a great tradition of allowing work and play to be seamlessly connected. Work in these remote regions was traditionally agricultural, but as time evolved, more industrial practices came in. The one constant remained though, a unique and harmonious relationship with nature.

And yet, to reach that harmony in such a harsh environment requires an uncompromising and experienced attitude towards clothing and equipment. This is a thread that runs through Garphyttan, who categorise their gear into three archetypes, Original, Specialist, and Crafter. Each has its own personality and needs, and the clothing aimed at these groups is done so with those needs in mind.

The Original Series focuses on tradition and history, taking tried and tested garments such as the anorak and the smock and examining them for modern-day use. A natural palette uses the great outdoors for inspiration, especially the Northern area of Europe where Garphyttan was born.

In the Specialist Series exists all of the elements of the brand DNA you’ll find in the Original Series, but with adaptations of a higher technical specification. Modern materials are utilised to help the wearer live a more active life.

The Crafter Series is for those just as active, but not in the conventional sense. This range is aimed at those who work in the outdoors but in roles just as forestry, gardening, craftsmanship and repair. There’s a definite element of safety first in this series, while utility plays a starring role, with pockets and function paramount in the design.

All in all, Garphyttan takes an age-old Swedish tradition for innovation and the great outdoors and brings something unique to the party.

It’s one to watch for the future because, despite its function first ethos, it doesn’t half look good too.

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