Introducing… HYPEPEACE Clothing

You know when you’re in bed, tired  but unable to settle? You google things. “How to make good pancakes”, “Balkan War History” and “Is Diet Coke going to kill me in the end?”. Eventually, when you realise everyone has the answers yet no-one has the answers you fuck it all off and seek solace in instagram.

I do anyway.

That’s how I came across HYPEPEACE and their familiar tee designs.

Shrouded in a measure of secrecy which means they’ll only reveal their initials, the duo behind HYPEPEACE seem really nice. I base that not on a meeting where they picked up the tab in an artisan coffee shop, nor a telephone conversation where they called me “mate” a lot. No, I base it on the fact that they donate a large portion of their profits to good causes.

“The profits raised from these sales are donated to a charity or NGO close to our hearts. We try to help highlight social injustice worldwide as well as supporting the oppressed whatever their age, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or gender.” explains one of the nameless two.

“In times of egocentrism, greed and bigotry we believe that fashion can transcend the mere superficial aesthetics by mobilising like minded people and spreading a substantial positive message of solidarity.”

Both of the people involved work in creative professions which is evident in everything HYPEPEACE does.

Doing nice things on a nice website with a nice name isn’t the extent of their ambitions though.

“We are a clothing brand at the end of the day, so we’re still trying to grow a business but in a slightly different model. Our mark-up is very low and we give more than half of our profits to charity. We work with our friends and people that are passionate about what they do. Our goal is to grow the movement and the network of like minded people.”

You should check them out, really.

I had pizza for tea.

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