Introducing KAPPY DESIGN: Seoul’s Minimalistic Workwear Marvel

Born in the midst of the global pandemic, Kappy Design is here to show a different way to make and sell clothing. And they’re so proud of that, they stylise their name in capitals, KAPPY DESIGN.

Kanga, the visionary behind KAPPY DESIGN, embarked on a unique journey. Formerly an overseas sales manager in the leather goods sector, the pandemic forced her to reassess her career. It was the perfect opportunity to chase her childhood dream and craft her own brand, celebrating the appeal of the ordinary.

Interstingly, KAPPY DESIGN employs a one size fits all philosophy, which it applies to four distinct seasonal collections. They make gear that looks familiar but is presented differently. Simplicity is key, and comes as a reaction to the practice of mass production. Minimal design has an enduring appeal as it usually comes hand in hand with quality.

Having established their roots in their native Seoul, KAPPY DESIGN are ready to spread their wings and inject freshness into the clothing landscape with a seasonal collection that perfectly demonstrates their overarching theme.

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