Introducing… MR NN


Named after the postcode of the UK’s epicentre of cool shoe-making expertise, Northampton.

Local brand and new kid on the block MR NN uses the same high quality leather that the town’s famous footwear is made from to create their impressive range of belts and small accessories. Thoughtfully designed, cool detailing, skilfully made and using only the finest materials the entire range is made with a great deal of pride in Great Britain, mostly in Northamptonshire.  Though the belts look good enough to be in one of those really expensive menswear shops you see in Northern Italian towns it’s MR NN’s wonderfully hued minimalist wallets that have impressed me most. Let’s hope this is just the tip of the iceberg and in a year or two’s time we’ll all be walking round wearing MR NN leather jackets and matching shoes to go with out belts and wallets. Find out more here oh and to get a 15% discount on all MR NN products (until the 12th of July) use the code PROPERMRNN at the checkout.




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