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Though starting life as a self funded project working with local artists to produce short runs of exclusive fashion & designs back in 2010 we’re ashamed to say we’ve only just come across London streetwear brand SCRT. Continuing to work on its original basis of promoting creativity through bold design and subtle detailing, the brand like to focus on the artists and their customers relationships with them. In the hope that by making their artists centre-stage for collaborations customers will care more about what they buy and from whom, understanding that sustainability is about people as much as it is about products.

Recent collaborations have included artist Bo Matteini whose Ritual collection brings to life a series of studies on ritualistic traditions & artefacts. The collection showcasing Bo’s illustrations across a t-shirt, hoody, over shirt and scarf. Whilst Toronto based artist Brandon Celi, whose work showcases illustrations of popular faces such as David Attenborough, Louis Theroux and Post Malone across t-shirts.

Find out more about SCRT here.




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