Introducing Soulland at the Hip Store

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To celebrate the new drop of SS19 swag from Soulland Hip Store have had a chat with the Danish brand’s creative director Silas Adler. Hip also commissioned a photo shoot featuring some local athletes ‘sporting’ the latest sustainable LOGIC collection.

Hip: How did the process to create Logic come about?

SIlas: The process started with us beginning to self-reflect on our way of producing. Soulland, up to that point, had always reflected the way Jacob and I lived our lives, our opinions and things that were happening at the time. However, as we were becoming a lot more aware of the importance of sustainable production in our everyday lives, Soulland wasn’t quite evolving with us. It became a major goal for us to change that and go in a more sustainable direction in terms of production.

We quickly ran into challenges being a small company. The access to information as well as the minimums on production made it difficult to make progress regarding knowledge on the subject and nailing plans down.

We decided to start Logic to have a project to work on. This forced us to make progress and get things done. Logic was a way for us to achieve our goals of improving production.

What was the inspiration behind LOGIC?

We took inspiration in 90s sportswear. Back then, sportswear was colourful, a mix on shades and patterns. The colorways are ones that Soulland has always used, they are colours that have come back season after season naturally, so we wanted to make them staple pieces. The idea was to revisit basics and make everyday clothing with a different energy.

Do you see this collection as a new era for Soulland?

I think it marks the progress in our train of thought. Logic represents a new chapter but also gives a look into where Soulland is going. We want to keep pursuing better and more ethical ways of producing. We want to keep improving the materials used and production process.

How do you see the future for Soulland in terms of production and design and projects?

Our goals for the future is to try to represent and show Soulland’s values and ideas in a way that is more direct in the collection we make and the collaborations we do. The projects and partnerships we enter in should always contribute to further telling the story of the Soulland values.

Soulland is a brand that connects the personalities and opinions of the people around the brand with the clothes we make. We use Soulland also as a way to exercise a voice on what we think is cool, ethical, the way forward in society. We use Soulland to promote what we think will make a better future for the world such as sustainability and freedom of speech.

What projects are you looking forward to showcasing this year?

I am excited to release Soulland’s third Nike collaboration that will come out at the end of 2019. This third shoe will be an ending to the story. The third chapter will define the trilogy quite well and will tell a strong design story which I am very excited for people to see. Also, there are some smaller partnerships which will be dropping throughout 2019, which I am very excited to show everyone.

One of the main things I am looking forward to is working more towards sustainability in our brand. Our focus is to make everything we do better than it is now. Our train of thought is constantly, how can we make our products better? How can we improve the things we do now, or step it up a notch? I think that is Soulland’s main goal for 2019 and forward, it is about improving all dimensions of our products, of course in terms of sustainable production but also in terms of design, quality, creative solutions and storytelling. The question should always be how can we do it better than we did it last season? I am very much looking forward to answering that question.

LOGIC by Soulland is available now in-store at The Hip Store and online at


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