Introducing… the Sporting Lodge


It’s all well and good being spoon-fed amazing releases, collabs and ‘drops’ on a second by second basis via the latest attention span draining hype wagon but what about going old school? Remember when finding something new and exciting involved Saturday morning missions into strange towns filled with snooty staff and moody merchants? Though I may prefer not having to travel the length of the country to get a bit of gore-tex these days there is still something to be said for mis-appropriating some high quality, niche sporting gear and matching it up with the kind of garms that will have game-keepers ruddy faced with anger. Actually game-keepers are usually dead ruddy faced anyway aren’t they? Well anyway, what I’m trying to say is that there  is still a shop out there that will give you the double buzz of feeling like you’ve just bought something that really wasn’t meant for you as well as making all your mates down the pub ask you just where the HELL you got that amazing jacket from. If you want to do the decent thing then you can tell them it’s from The Sporting Lodge or if you want to be a bad snide just say that you can’t remember before sauntering off to the bar in your digital camo number like you’re Jack the Biscuit.






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