Introducing Uskees Zero Waste Collection

It’s estimated that 400 billion square metres of fabric were produced globally in the clothing industry in 2015, and about 15% of this ended up on the cutting room floor. That’s almost enough to make one whole t-shirt for me after lockdown laziness. 

All jokes aside, this is a lot of wastage and Uskees think something needs to be done. That’s why they’ve put together the Zero Waste Collection, a range of limited edition garments made from their leftover fabric. Numbers are strictly limited and colours will vary throughout the year depending on what’s leftover. The first drop includes their best-selling #3008 Smock in super green and purple, a number of stylish aprons and two variations of organic tote bags in a plethora of familiar colours.

They might be made from leftovers but they won’t be left for long. Be quick.

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