Introducing… Wyse

If you’ve ever sat down for a chat with Oi Polloi main man Steve Sanderson then you too will know that his level of wisdom on a variety of subjects is at an impressive level. I’ve walked away from countless chats with him (and Nigel for that matter) feeling the same way (I imagine) that students do after sitting through a particularly enlightening lecture. Which brings us to the new label Wyse which is the tastefully coloured, corduroy textured, yoga-centric brainchild of Steve and is named after the pursuit of wisdom by having an open approach to new ideas as well as learning from past experiences.

The resulting collection of laid back yet luxurious sportswear reflects Steve’s impeccable knowledge acquired at the helm of one of the world’s greatest menswear stores and proves that he knows a decent bit of kit when he sees/makes it. With names like Hanuman, Dohan, Assam and Ashram the pieces reflect both the Eastern philosophy that’s helped inspired the collection as well as the ethical factory in Indian where they’ve been made. To find out more about the influences behind the collection you can read this interview with Steve here and then shop the collection at Oi Polloi¬†here.


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