It’s A Deal. It’s A Steel… New Steel Bits From Mamnick

Hiya, it’s yer boy Mamnick, again. Doing clever bits of stuff with steel. Coming out of the capital of steel itself, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, these two pieces of meister crafted steel are definitely something worth shaking your steel chip fork at or sticking on your Christmas list.

First up, the Shackler Knife.

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It has a 60mm Sheepfoot blade (ask your dad/farmer), a shackler key tool (for shackling stuff), a marline spike (for getting into Boycey’s wife’s knickers), a screwdriver tool (for opening wine like a boss/waiter at an Italian) and all contained in one stainless steel handle. Like a Swiss army knife, but from a Sheffield.

Blade Army knife, if you will.

There’s only 10 (count ’em) of them being made, so I wouldn’t advise you hang around.

If you do miss out, check out these hardened and tempered stainless steel keyring sets.


I get hardened and tempered when I stub my toe after stumbling on one of Reggie’s half-chewed bones. But I don’t think it’s quite the same thing. And if you aren’t sure who Reggie is, check my twitter.

They’re laser cut, hand finished and miles better than that photo keyring of you, two mates and the lad you haven’t seen since you were at school, that you got for £5 in Rewind Bar, years ago, that you’ve been making do with.

No, these look mint. And they come in a hand-stamped boxed made from eco-friendly recycled materials. And it will last forever (pretty much) and won’t ever bio-degrade, so that in itself is eco-friendly. In a way. Probably.

I don’t know. I’m not a pissing biologist, am I?



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Buy them from Mamnick here and here.


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