JOCKEY – 140 Years Of Male Underwear

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unnamed (5)We’re showing you these ace vintage ads as this year sees the 140th anniversary of esteemed American underwear brand Jockey’s first ever advertising campaign. The original 1876 feature included an illustrated version of one of their product as back then it was considered far too daring and immodest to show an actual bloke in his underpants as there would have been women fainting and moral outrage all over the place. Undeterred by fears of upsetting a prudish public Cooper’s (as Jockey was known then) continued to forge ahead and put underpants firmly on the map and into the mainstream.  This attitude and pride in their products has meant that Jockey have been involved in every landmark concerning the evolution of male underwear, which is a tale that’s as close to our hearts as it is to our other vital organs.

From being the first brand to dare to suggest how an attractive and modern man should look in his underwear (even if he was hiding his modesty with a mask) to inventing the Y-front and creating underwear that was both fashionable and functional Jockey have continued to be at the forefront of innovative and super-comfortable underwear design.


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