Juventus 2017/18 home jersey by Adidas

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It’s a little known fact that former Newcastle full-back John Beresford is now chief designer for Adidas football. Bez has put his personal experience to work on this design for the Vecchia Signora and turned-out a shirt that is an homage to Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle nearly-men of the mid-90’s. Featuring the classic three stripes and a grandad-style button-up collar the shirt also features the words ‘Mi piacerebbe solo’ on the inside which translates as ‘I would just love it’.

Juventus attracted a lot of criticism from ‘traditionalists’ for changing their badge but the fact is that no Juve shirts carried a badge until the 90’s and their badge was basically a rip-off of neighbours Torino anyway. To these eyes it’s a pretty stylish and striking symbol (as long as you concentrate on the blank space otherwise it could be confused as Jermaine Jenas’s own brand gear).

As the game becomes even-more globalised it is a style that could catch-on. Arsenal could have a gothic ‘A’ on the home strip (with WO on the away), Barcelona’s strip would look good with a collegiate-style ‘B’, whilst Manchester City could opt for a simple $.

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