K-Way Archive Collection

K-Way are making me quite literally bi-curious with their new range of archive gear. Don’t worry though, I’m not about to start kissing lads on the lips. My desire to try a bit of bi, comes from these terrific bi-coloured anoraks. My commute this morning saw me soaked through, with my jeans hugging onto my legs like that mad sloth that was in the news this week.

Seriously though, K-Way is one of those brands that doesn’t need to push the envelope too far because what they do is just really, really good. That zip, that logo and the sheer functionality of their gear makes them stand out against the brands who seek to half-inch their crown.

This 90s inspired collection is very ‘now’ but then it’s K-Way and it’s timeless.

02K001T60___F65 02K001T60___F94 02K0021S0___K89 02K0021S0___Z06 XBK005TE0___G13______ XBK005TF0___901______ XBK005TF0___902______ XBK005TF0___905______

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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