Oi Polloi Welcomes Back K-Way

K-Way returns to Oi Polloi after a brief hiatus – and just in time for summer planning.


The story goes that way back in 1965, a young Leon Claude Duhamel watched crowds of rain-soaked Parisians from the covered comforts of a cafe’s smoking area. Their outfits – ruined. If only, he thought to himself, someone would invent a lightweight and packable mac that could be neatly folded into a pocket when not in use. Something well-priced and convenient. 

Cue: the lightbulb moment. 

Throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, K-Way enjoyed an iconic status around France and Italy, perfectly positioning itself as an easygoing option that sat in the between stages of an umbrella and a rain jacket. 

Oi Polloi has a minimal range of K-Way’s classic Le Vrai 3.0 – but that’s all you need. Dark blue, orange and pink. Perfect.

K-Way at Oi Polloi. 

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