Kaptain Sunshine at Oi Polloi

Kaptain Sunshine brings laid-back military cool to Oi Polloi.

Tokyo’s Kaptain Sunshine is the product of Shinsuke Kojima, a switched-on Japanese gentleman who spent his early years as an editor for a menswear magazine, before taking everything he’d ever learnt and embedding it into his own line. He also – and this is conjecture based on one incomplete IMDB page and one incomplete BFI age – may have been a costume designer for Kill Bill Vol. 1, as well as various other Japanese movies. It isn’t outside the realm of possibility, as we’ve already established Kojima’s skills fall under the multi-hyphenated. Editor? Check. Stylist? Check. Designer? Check. 

Oi Polloi describes Kaptain Sunshine’s output as: “ultra-durable militaria at its finest: this is the type of gear that hard water-washers, schmutter sun-bakers, field ‘n’ naval garb enthusiasts and adventure seekers can get really behind,” which is exactly how we wished we’d said it. 

As summer approaches we’re developing a soft spot for simple and well-made shirts. Silky-soft cotton and textured weaves will never not be important, so Kaptain Sunshine’s work shift ticks a multitude of boxes, and when you consider the effortless steeze of this pocket-bolstered bomber, we’re sold. 

Kaptain Sunshine at Oi Polloi.

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