Karhu Aria “Vappu” Pack

Karhu_Aria_Vappu_1 (1)

When I saw that Karhu had done a ‘Vappu’ pack I assumed it must be something to do with those weird electric cigs that look like R2D2’s widgy everyone is smoking at the moment.

Then I read the press release and discovered that this tasteful Finnish footwear has nothing to do with vaping but is actually named after the traditional Vappu holiday which takes place during the last day in April and first day in May to celebrate the end of the colder months and the welcome arrival of some sunshine. It’s a vibrant and celebratory time when everyone gets to go a bit giddy, which has been reflected in the upbeat turquoise, orange and light grey colours featured on each of the Aria trainers.

Available now from Karhu.








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