Yards Store Grows Karhu Collection

The Aria 95 and Legacy 96 from Karhu come in a versatile range of colourways. 

aria 95 karhu

Our mates at Manchester’s own Yards Store – just a stone’s throw away from the office – have just expanded their Karhu range, adding in more colourways and models. Two silhouettes stand out: Aria 95 and Legacy 96. 

Karhu, founded way back in 1916, pioneered and invented shoe technologies like air cushioning and fulcrum™, both still used in running shoe collections the world over. Because of Karhu’s influence, the brand brought back its OG running shoe with updated technology, under a moniker that explains it all: Legacy. 

The Aria 95 builds on one of Karhu’s 1995 running shoes, and brings a unique feature with it: the monosock construction, designed to mould comfortably to the foot, removing the need for bulky tongues. 

Head to Yards Store to see the range of Karhu’s trainers, with an assortment of colourways and models. If there’s one thing the brand knows how to do well, it’s put a colourway together. 

Karhu at Yards Store.

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